Our previous blog entries already described the main features and improvements we’ve included in version 2.5. Thus, we will just summarize the highlights of the new release in this entry.

Common New Features

  • Single MSI installer for all translator add-ins
  • Associating ODF files with the Microsoft Office applications (during installation): This feature allows you to convert and open an ODF file by double-clicking in Explorer.
  • Shortcut from the Windows Start menu to the OpenXML/ODF Translator ReadMe file

Word Translator

The major new features of the Word Translator are the ODF compatible templates: The new installer copies OpenXML templates to the user’s local template folder. Documents based on these templates use only those Word features which allow a high-fidelity translation between OpenXML and ODF. In addition, these templates have been made directly accessible via the “New document” entry in the ODF translator menu.

Apart from these ODF compatible templates a considerable number of enhancements were related to shape properties such as size, position, wrapping, color etc.

In addition TOC style translation has been improved, OTT support added and the performance enhanced.

Excel Translator

The Excel translator mainly focused on chart-related enhancements ( e.g. the translation of style, color, width, transparency and fill color of several chart elements and axis scale). In addition new features such as named ranges or the translation of formula functions which are supported in both OpenXML and ODF (including preservation of OpenXML formulas during roundtrip conversion) have been implemented. Many defects concerning file crashes, chart formatting, Pivot table, etc. could also be fixed.

Despite all these improvements, performance was not perceptibly impaired, but could even be improved for some spreadsheets.

Command Line Translator

The command line translator provides for translation facilities for all three document types – text documents, spreadsheets and presentation – via one single executable. In addition to the existing features the command line tool can now convert document templates.

Please let us know your feature requests and feedback

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