We focussed in this release mainly on defect fixing, but took also care of some new features. Our testers did a great job by validating old issues and, unfortunately :-), by also reporting some new defects which are related to features not yet implemented or to regressions.

Some details on the two translators (4858) (we have concentrated on the Excel and Word translators in this release):

Excel Translator: Chart features such as label, title bar, colored grid line and many more were enhanced. A number of crash issues could be identified and fixed.

Word Translator: The M2 release shows up with some nice improvements related to shape and textbox properties, VML line implementation and table of contents translation. In addition, most of the crash issues could be fixed and the performance for translating ODT documents to DOCX could considerably be enhanced by refacturing the ToC translation.

We are approaching our final destination – the next and final release of version 2.5 of the OpenXML/ODF Translator is planned for November!

And don’t forget: … Fruit flies like a banana (Groucho Marx :-)