We are happy to announce the release of OpenXML/ODF Translator Version 2.0 on SourceForge!

This version fixes many issues and provides for a large number of new features. Too mention only a few:

  • Digitally signed addins which can now be used even when the security settings are set to high;
  • a new “Options” menu command which allows to suppress/re-activate the Fidelity Message dialog box;
  • the overall performance has considerably be improved;
  • Mono compatibility;
  • the installation has been simplified by auto-detecting the installed Office version and
  • supporting ODF 1.1 documents and documents created using OpenOffice.org 2.4.

Let’s describe some highlights of the individual translators.

Translator for Excel

This release mainly focused on performance improvements, the Fidelity Message option, digitally signed code, chart-related enhancements and a number of new features such as the translation of the “freeze pane” setting. In addition, we fixed many defects concerning charts, merged cells, cell formatting (background color, borders and format), chart formatting, conditional formatting, installation and localization issues.

Translator for Word

A number of new features have been implemented, e.g. the conversion of shapes, enhanced table and field translation, etc. However, the main focus of this Word addin release was probably put on an improved roundtrip conversion experience and on bug fixing (a special thank for the excellent feedback on release 1.1 coming from public authorities such as FEDICT in Belgium). In addition, the performance of the Word addin could considerably be improved via two approaches: optimizing the code using elaborate profiling tools and pre-compilation. Apart from new features, bug fixes, roundtrip enhancements and performance improvements, the addin is now digitally signed and the Fidelity Message dialog box can be disabled/enabled.

Translator for PowerPoint

We implemented a large number of new features such as slide transition, tab stop translation, tables, basic OLE objects, bullets and numbering in notes, brightness and contrast for pictures, arrow and connectors in grouped shapes, animation for grouped shapes and pictures, enhancement of gradient fill color (direction and angle) and many more. In addition, many defects could be fixed such as the lost “resize shape to fit text” option, the crash when saving a read-only PPTX as an ODP presentation, the missing leading blanks, wrong language settings in roundtrip conversions, etc. In synch with the other translators, the PowerPoint addin is now digitally signed and the Fidelity Message dialog box can be suppressed/re-activated.

Command Line Translator

The command line translator provides for translation facilities for all three document types – text documents, spreadsheets and presentation – via one single executable. Apart from benefiting from the improvements made for the individual addins a number of defects have been fixed specifically for the command line tool.

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