After we have released v1.1 in March we got a lot of feedback from various sources including public administrations from all over Europe (thank you very much for it!). We used the rainy spring months here in Europe to collect, analyse and classify this feedback and, thus, to build the scope for OpenXML/ODF Translator v2.0. Development work already started last week with the well-known teams on board: Sonata, Cleverage, DIaLOGIKa and—last, but not least—Microsoft.

Just to mention a number of highlights we will provide in v2.0:

  • supporting ODF 1.1 features (ODF 1.1 compliance)
  • improving roundtrip conversion , in particular concerning the reverse direction from DOCX nach ODT
  • enhancing table and field translation
  • adding shape translation (VML)
  • providing OLE translation in PPT
  • supporting chart properties
  • signing the add-in code, thus, allowing to deploy the add-in in environments where the Office security level is set to high
  • usability enhancements
  • Mono compatibility
  • fixing a number of bugs (thanks again for the excellent feedback from public authorities)

The detailed roadmap describing the various milestones (the final version is planned for beginning of August) will be made available on the project web site soon. Stay tuned :-)