It’s really a long time since our last posting here. However, we have well used this time to enhance the OpenXML/ODF Translator: Release 1.1 is now available for translating text documents, spreadsheets and presentations from OpenXML to ODF and vice versa offering a large number of enhancements as compared to release 1.0. What are the improvements and new features in detail?

Translator for Text Documents

Release 1.1 has been implemented to remedy some of the bugs encountered in v1.0, but also to provide for a more complete feature translation, in particular for documents exchanged in the public administration of the EU (aka Eurolook and LegisWrite documents). Consequently, we focussed in v1.1 on performance improvements, page layout settings (including footer and header), OLE objects, headings,lists and table of contents (ToC).

Translator for Spreadsheets

Improved performance together with increased reliability were two of the key features in release 1.1. In addition, we focussed on enhanced roundtrip translation experience and fixed a large number of bugs reported for the first release. In addition, the setup procedure has been simplified: one (localized) setup program installs the add-in for all supported Office versions.

Translator for Presentations

Performance improvements by considerably reducing the loading time of the translation tables have also been addressed in release 1.1 of the presentation translator. Apart from that, the translated feature set has been extended, e.g. by supporting additional shapes, and many v1.0 features have been made up. The setup procedure has also been simplified in the same way as for the text document and spreadsheet translator add-in, i.e. one (localized) setup program installs the add-in for all supported Office versions.

Command Line Translator

One single executable is now available for all three document types; thus, deployment and configuration of the command line translator, e.g. on a translation server, has become easier and more straightforward. The command line translator is the ideal tool in domain specific scenarios where desktop deployments are restricted, e.g. to implement a centralized conversion service, to do batch processing, etc.

We are looking forward to receiving your feedback on release 1.1 of the OpenXML/ODF Translator.

Stay tuned for future updates here…