It’s Release time again!!! This time we have Spreadsheet (Excel) and Presentation (PowerPoint) translators’ M3 releases and Document (Word) 1.1 translator’s M1 release for all of you download and play with to provide your candid feedback.

Over the past month, our teams have been slogging hard to bring the following feature sets and bug fixes (applicable to Word 1.1 releases) in the latest release versions:

Translator for Spreadsheet / Excel M3 features: Charts (Covers 2D+3D with Line, Area, Column, Bar and Pie Charts), Hyperlinks, Conditional formatting (only direct conversion implemented), Pictures, Data styles (includes Time, Fractions, Scientific formats) and Annotations (for reverse conversion: shapes properties are not implemented yet).

Translator for Presentation / PowerPoint M3 features: Design Layouts, Text Box, Paragraph, Shapes, Format Background, Text, Paragraph, Formatting Indent & Spacing and List numbering & bullets.

Translator for Document / Word 1.1 M1 scope: Bug fixes for loss in paragraph formats, style formats, field content loss and Text flow problems in particular scenarios. Other than these fixes, for the first time, you’ll see Word translator in Japanese, besides French, German, Polish, Dutch, and, but of course, English!

As always, all the known issues for the releases are tracked in the form of bugs, release notes for Excel, PowerPoint, Word 1.1 translators and format conversion known issues.

Till I post you with updates on the next set of releases, keep the faith, and please share with us your earnest feedback…