Well, what after Word translator 1.0!!! We have been hearing about Excel and PowerPoint translators every now and then, but now we present M2 releases of both these translators for all to download. The 1.0 / final versions of both these translators are expected to be released in fall 2007. The roadmaps for the translators provide further details in terms of intermediate milestone releases.

The Excel and PowerPoint translators’ lifecycle began in Feb 2007 with the M1 (Milestone 1) release of Excel happening in end of March. The latest version – M2 (Milestone 2) released on May 21st, features release drops for Excel and PowerPoint add-ins with the command line option. Support for ODF 1.0 -> Open XML and vice versa (often termed as forward / direct and reverse transforms in a colloquial way internally in our team) are implemented and released together to enable end users to exercise a round trip scenario for a feature completely.

M1 milestone for Excel premiered Basic and Advanced Table Model, Basic Text and Paragraph Formatting, Document Metadata and Document structure. Milestone M2 for Excel, constructed on this foundation, features Annotations (available only in direct mode), Basic and Advanced Table Model, Headers & Footers, Styles and Default styles, Text & Paragraph formatting, Page Styles and Layout and some Data styles. M2 for PowerPoint converter covers Page Setup, Custom Slide Show, Footer, Design Layouts (Blank and Title only), Text Font Formatting and Rectangle & Textbox shapes. All the known issues for the releases are tracked in the form of bugs, release notes for Excel and PowerPoint translators and format conversion known issues.

This is yet another stepping stone in Microsoft’s interoperability initiative so that support for Spreadsheets and Presentation (ODF 1.0) formats is also made available along with the already supported document formats. The official announcement can be viewed here.

Now, how about team introductions! Along with Cleverage working on developing the Excel translator, and Aztecsoft and DIaLOGIKa testing both the translators, we have Sonata who has joined the translators’ bandwagon by working on PowerPoint translator development.

We are anticipating your active participation this time as well…Will keep you posted with further updates and releases…