As you might have noticed, the long awaited Release 1.0 is now available for download!

It has been 8 months since the project started in early June and we've been hard working all that time to ensure the add-In meets a high quality level. It has been tested over Word XP, Word 2003 and Word 2007 in five different languages (English, Dutch, French, German and Polish) thanks to DIaLOGIKa ( and Aztecsoft (

Since the official announcement from Microsoft (see the press news), over 9000 of copies were downloaded on (at the time of posting this entry)! This is a great pleasure for us to see that the add-In has reached such an enormous success.

Already, we have received quite a lot of press coverage. A hit in Google for ODF-Converter returns 871 000 results! We are proud to bring life to a project that has stirred a big crowd, sometimes positively sometimes not, as the whole open standard issue seem to have become a political controversy...

Nonetheless, we sincerely hope this Add-in will benefit the entire community in exchanging electronic documentation. Yes, exchanging documents won't be chore any more. Yes you will be able to read and write ODF documents even if you don't have openOffice suite (or other ODF implementations). And conversely, as Novell ( has announced that the Translator will be natively implemented in its next version of OpenOffice.

But we won't stop here.... We'are also planning to work on Excel and Powerpoint and this should be availble by the end of the year (Novembre 2007), so stay tuned and keep on providing feedback as this will help us in future development!

Thanks all for participating in this exciting project! I'm looking forward to the next releases... ;)